Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shopping 101

Yesterday was so much fun! We went to Fargo and Mike got his eyes checked. By the way that went very well! Then Mike and Beth took Amy and Chris out to lunch and I waited in my little room. I just took a nap while they were gone. Then I got to see Amy and Chris. That was fun. Chris has a lot of hair on his face. THEN we got to go shopping! My favorite thing! I wanted to do a visual for you so the pictures can show how to do this shopping thing. First you go to the toy isle. Then you look at all the toys and Beth shows me different ones that I might like. Then I get to choose a couple of new toys. Then you get to talk to people and they pet you and they tell you how nice you are. Then you go to something called the check out and they take the toys away from you and put them on the counter (or table is more like it) and then the person tells Mike a number and he gives her some paper and then she gives him some paper and then we get the toys back. Then we get to go back to the van and I get to play with my new toys. I know it sounds like a big process but it is so worth it! I got two new toys. A big fluffy ball that squeaks and a duck that quacks.
Today we were going to clean outside but Mike and Beth don't feel like it so we are just relaxing and they are playing with me and my new toys. It's fun!
If someone tells you that you have something in your teeth and you take them out to might be a redneck....ha ha, that Jeff Foxworthy is so funny. But Larry is still my favorite! Git R Done!
Remington out!

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