Friday, April 17, 2009

It was great!

I had such a busy day yesterday! I went and visited my friends Connie (she is my friend Shadow's mom) and Jackie. I liked to see them again. Other people came and said hi too.
THEN I went to school. It was great! I loved it! There were so many dogs there. All kinds, big and small, loud and quiet -- and Beth was right....we had to use the rope. But do you know what they call it? A "lead" -- that sounds much better than a rope, so I'm okay with that. I did pretty good. I met many friends. Beth took a pic of me and a little boy named Moxie. He sat next to me, he was nice. Sweet Pea sat on the other side of me. I am really looking forward to going back. Beth said I had to wait until next Thursday.
We are going to Fargo today. I like to go for rides. I just sit in my little room and enjoy listening to Blue Collar Radio. "Get R Done". I love Larry the Cable Guy!
Gotta go and get my stuff loaded in the van. Later.

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