Friday, April 24, 2009

My doctor likes me!

Well, I went to see Dr. Jeanetta today and as you can see by the pictures -- she likes me! AND I like her too! She checked me out really well and I am doing good. I got shots and they didn't even hurt. She checked out my heart which was great and my back legs too. They seem to be okay but she told Mike to keep an eye on them and if they seem to bother me she would like to see me again. She gave me other medicine too. Stuff to keep fleas and ticks off me and something to keep worms out of my heart. GROSS! I don't want worms in my heart! So I WILL be taking that! She really takes good care of me. I am so lucky to have her for my doctor. She had a helper that was really nice to me too. I weigh 41.8 pounds but they didn't measure me, Mike and Beth will do that tomorrow. I really had them confused at the clinic. They wanted to see my "boom, boom" (you all know what that is....) -- don't ask me why they would want that, I don't even like going around it after I do it! But anyway, they wanted some -- so Mike went out and got it in a plastic bag after I went this morning. I guess they were really concerned because they didn't know what was in it. They told my doctor there was some "strange" looking stuff in it. My doctor said she thought it may be some "strange" thing she would have to investigate. So she went and checked.... it was only the orange plup from the oranges I eat every night. She laughed. She said I had a good diet! It was funny. I laughed so hard my belly jiggled. I showed her where my teeth fell out. I think she was really impressed. Oh yeah, I got ANOTHER treat this morning under my pillow for the tooth I lost yesterday AND I lost the other one this morning. Mike got this one so we can put it under my pillow tonight instead of the note. I am sure the tooth fairy will be happy!
I slept a lot this afternoon and now tonight I am feeling really lazy. Beth said I should take it easy. So I think I will. It was a good day....

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