Thursday, April 23, 2009

I lost my teeth!

Yep, that's right, I lost my two front teeth. I don't know how it happened -- but it did. I didn't even know.... Last night Beth and I were sitting on the deck and I looked up at Beth and smiled and she said "Remington why are your bottom two teeth crooked?" I said I didn't know -- so she opened my mouth and said they were loose. Then she looked on top and my two front ones were gone! I don't know where they went. Beth said it was cool because now I looked like Bailey. Bailey lost her two front teeth too! That's Bailey in the picture. I can't wait to show Bailey and Trevor, I get to go to their house next Saturday. They will like to see me without my two front teeth! Anyway -- then Beth told me about the Tooth Fairy. It is so neat -- there is this little fairy that goes all over the place and when anyone loses teeth they just have to put them under their pillow at night. Then during the night she will come and you won't even hear her, she's really quiet and then she takes them to Toothland (that's a far away place where they keep the teeth) and she leaves a gift for you. Like money or treats or something. I was so excited when Beth told me! But then I panicked! I didn't know where my teeth were.... Beth said I probably swallowed them. WHAT! How was I suppose to get them to put under my pillow? This was awful! I was all worried and Beth said we would put a note under my pillow and the Tooth Fairy does this all the time and she would understand! She would just take the note to Toothland. So we got the note ready and when I went to bed we put it under my pillow. This morning I couldn't wait to look and see if it worked! IT DID! I got two treats! And guess what! One of my bottom ones fell out this morning. I hope the other one does sometime today so I get two treats again.
Tonight is school. I am looking forward to seeing all of my new friends. I have been practicing a lot. I want to do a good job.
Then tomorrow I have to go to the doctor. I like to see her. She is so cool!
AND Mike gets to go along so we will have so much fun!
Better go and check my tooth and see if it fell out yet.
Remington out!

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