Monday, April 13, 2009

Just relaxing and enjoying!

I am having a relaxing day. Beth caught me taking a nap and playing with my toys--as you can see by the picutres. Silly.
Today is so nice out. We played ball twice already and just sat outside looking at all the birds. I also saw people by the tennis court. Was nice. Beth said it will be even more fun when the grass is all green and the flowers are blossoming. I don't know what flowers are but they sound pretty. I know Beth will teach me a lot this summer.
I had a dream about my mommy last night. She was laying next to me sleeping and I was all cuddled up to her. It made me miss her. I wonder what they are doing right now. I wonder if they are still at Mary and David's. I'll have to ask Beth to find out for me.
Well, I am hearing noise outside at the place next to us. Beth calls it a ball diamond. I don't know what that is either but I am sure I will find out. That is how it seems to go.
I gonna go and look -- later.

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