Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter. Beth was trying to tell me about it but I guess I had a blank look on my face because she said maybe when I am older I would understand it better.

I DID see an Easter bunny though. It was outside eating food off the ground. Someone told me they were colorful and carried eggs but mine was brown and just ate off the ground. I didn't see ANY eggs at all. Maybe he lost them. Oh well.

As you can see in the picture "funny Mike" thought it would be cute to put bunny ears on me. Ha ha isn't he just funny....

Mike and Beth left REALLY early for church today. I waited here in my little room. I took a nap and before I knew it they were home. We have been playing and relaxing and then we went for a ride and then we played and then we relaxed and then we played and oh well, you get the picture.

We cleaned the deck off yesterday and I couldn't even get my head in between the rails. I must be getting bigger.

Update -- Beth said I have to update.... I am 13 weeks old. I gained one pound so now I weigh 35 pounds and I didn't grow any taller so I am still at 17 inches. Beth said that was good. She said doesn't want me to grow too fast! So I am not going to!!!!

Time to play again. Later!

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