Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting caught up....

Beth said I better get busy and get caught up on my blog page. Yesterday we were so busy enjoying the nice weather that I forgot all about it! We sat on the deck and the sun felt so good shining down on us. Beth told me stories and we just enjoyed the day!
Oh yeah, I forgot some of my update from last week. At 15 weeks old I weighed 41.8 pounds and stand 19 inches at the shoulder. There! Just think this Friday I will be 4 months old. Seems like yesterday that I was 8 weeks old and just got to Minnesota. Time flies....
Today is kinda rainy so we haven't been outside very much. We went for a ride, I liked that. I watched The Young and Restless again. It's getting really good but today Victor got really mad and I just had to turn my head.... I don't like it when anyone gets upset. Beth said not to worry it isn't real -- it's just a soap opera. Soap opera....hhhmmmm....funny name....I haven't seen any soap or bubbles and there is no music or loud singing. So that doesn't make any sense to me. I would call it "Made up story time". I think that would be better.
My teeth are coming in nicely. Mike said they look funny but Beth said they are perfect. And I think Beth is right! Because she thinks I am handsome too! That makes me happy.
Better go and see if Sponge Bob is on.

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