Friday, April 3, 2009

I am 12 weeks old!

I am 12 weeks old today! We don't weigh in or measure until tomorrow so I don't know if I have grown. I don't think I have but Beth says she thinks so.
I have been napping on and off today. Tomorrow we are going to Fargo for Amy's 30th birthday party. Amy is Beth's youngest child. It is her birthday today but we are celebrating tomorrow. I like to ride in the van so it will be fun. I haven't met Amy and Chris (her husband) yet and am anixous to meet them.
I brought the paper in for Beth today. She was so proud of me! I just put it in my mouth and brought to the house. No big deal. I just did it all by myself. She praised me over and over again AND I got a treat. I went outside again to find another one but there wasn't any. Beth said they only come in the morning and just one time. But I'll keep checking when I go out just in case. It made Beth happy and I like that so I'll want to keep it up! I like to see her smile.
Mike will be with us this weekend! I love him! He's cool!
Snack time! Later gator....ha ha....

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