Sunday, April 5, 2009

I am back from my trip!

I weighed in at 34 pounds and am 17 inches tall at the shoulder. 12 weeks old. THERE I got that out of the way. Now to the good stuff....
By the looks of the pictures just guess who was a "GOOD BOY"!?!?? Yep, it was me! We went to Fargo for Amy's birthday and I was such a good boy I got to go shopping. I got new toys and as you can see I got to look at the fancy birds. It was so much fun. We walked around the store for a long time, well I was in the cart. And lots of people stopped to say hi to me. I felt so special. I saw other puppies too -- they were bigger than me and one barked at me. I don't think it was nice though, I couldn't understand it because he said it in french and I don't know how to speak that yet. But it was still soooo much fun!
It was a long ride but I didn't mind at all. I had my own room in the back of the van and I just chilled out and listened to Blue Collar Radio. That is just a hoot. (That's what Beth calls it....) We laugh and laugh when it is on.
I got to meet Amy and Chris and a lady named Trese. Everyone was really nice to me. Trese REALLY liked me -- she kept messing my hair up and snuggling with me!
I don't have much time here as Mike is only home tonight and has to go to that bacon getting place again tomorrow and I want to play with him. So until tomorrow....
Remington OUT!

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