Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1!

Hi! My name is Remington and I am a cat....
Ha, ha -- April fools! Today is April 1st and you can tell fibs today. Beth told me that!
Anyway, when I got up this morning it had snowed again! That made me so happy! The pictures here are of the happy guy that lives on the tree out back. He got covered with snow and some of my birdie friends that were waiting for Beth to feed them. AND of course me, having the most fun ever in the snow. I think Beth caught on that I don't always have to go potty and that I just want to play in the snow. She's pretty smart about figuring me out. I'll have to work on that!
Beth said that the snow shouldn't last all that long and that summer would be here before we know it. I think that is what my brother was talking about with the green grass and all. I am anxious to see what that's all about.
I hear my name being called -- it's time to eat! Later.

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