Friday, April 10, 2009

I do believe Spring is here!

I think Spring is here! Atleast that is what Beth said. I don't know what Spring is but I bet it's something great or she wouldn't be so happy about it! The "grandkids" are coming again! Hooray! They are coming on Sunday. I can hardly wait! They are so much fun! A friend of mine says that one of their grandkids stink on the bottom. Mine don't -- and I am really happy about that. Anyway on Sunday, which is Easter (and I don't know what that means either but I know Beth will tell me) they will be here. So I really have to practice playing. As you can see in my picture I have a really neat new toy. I play with it a lot! I know the "grandkids" will like it too!

Last night we had my first class. ADULTS only but I got to ride along. Afterwards I got to meet Mikes boss. He was nice to me. His name is Mike too. That's funny. I wonder why they have the same name.

Today we are busy cleaning (well Beth is and I am helping by following her around making sure it's done right, ha ha). Wouldn't she love to hear that?!?

Oh no, Beth is calling and now I have to practice that "dog on a rope" thing again! I'll keep it up until class starts and then Beth and I will have to have a talk if no one else is doing it -- then I would opt to her stopping that! I am sure we can come to some understanding. I mean, really....

Off to being lead around the house again....later....(sad face)

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