Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vikings 44 - Giants 7

Whoops there it is....Whoops there it is! ENDZONE DANCE BIG TIME!!!! What a game! I was on the edge of my seat and well all over the place! My man, Adrian Peterson....18th touchdown of the season! Can I get an "OH YEAH"!
He runs like this....

Jared Allen, The Mullet Man did a great fumble recovery! He's the man (that's what Beth's says). He did it like this....

The guy was down and he got the ball!!!!
Mr. Brett Favre is the best QB EVER! I love this guy!

FYI....did you know that Mr. Brett Favre was also a movie star? Well, he is -- I just saw him in a movie called "Something About Mary". He is talented!
This was such a great game! I loved every minute of it!
This was the last game of the regular season. NOW we have to watch all the other games to see how the play offs will pan out. We are going to watch the Cowboys next! I hope they win. Then I guess we are one step closer to being in the biggest game's called the Super Duper Bowl Game. I wonder how big THAT bowl will be???? It will be fun if the Vikings play! PARTY!

So now it's time to watch the Cowboys and Eagles....I don't have a Cowboy shirt....oh well, I AM a Vikings fan ONLY!
Later. Remington -- I hope this football thing NEVER ends! - #1 Vikings fan! -- TOUCHDOWN!


JackDaddy said...


JackDaddy said...

I didn't know if you had seen this:

But it's funny! :)

Madi and Mom said...

Oh my Remington that was a butt kicking!!! Way to go. You were really into all the action.
Madi and I are happy your team ended with a BIG BANG!!!!
Madi and Mom