Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ulitimate fighting....

Well, I have now gotten to watch ultimate fighting. Mike was watching TV and I was walking by and happened to look up and these two guys were hitting each other. I found it to be interesting so I climbed up on the couch and could not take my eyes off of it! WHY would anyone just get in a box and start hitting each other? Made no sense to me but Mike explained that it was a sport like football. Hhhmmmm....
I remembered my brothers and I would fight and wrestle around when we were little but nothing like that!
By the way, I found one of my brothers! Takoda! He has really grown too. I hardly recognized him. I really miss having breakfast with him. We would sit and discuss the days events while eating. Was so nice! You know how I am a football player, well Takoda is a hockey player. Wow, us boys must really be quite the athletes! I am trying to find all my brothers and sisters and then I will put their pics on here for everyone to see. I have found one brother and two sisters. Would be nice if I could find them by THIS coming's our BIRTHDAY! We will all be one year old. I know I am excited about it! PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!
I get to go on Friday to see my very best doctor, Dr. Jeanetta. Beth said being I am one year old she wants the Dr. to look at me. That will be great because I like to look at her too! Beth said no shots or anything, just a visit. That will be just the added bonus to my birthday!
Later. Remington -- not an ultimate fighter -- out!


JackDaddy said...

Happy Almost Birthday!

The tall guy doesn't let me watch fighting on the teevees, but he lets me watch Doctor Who and Torchwood. I told him to let me watch SpongeBob, but he said that it was too scary!

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington,
Quite frankly I'm glad you found an indoor sport to enjoy since it is so cold and snowy outside!!!
Just remember you don't get to play rough with Mike because he is the boss and Beth is the provider of great food. We look forward to seeing pictures of all your siblings. It is a balmy 31 and windy in NC. Sun is out no snow soo that is good. Mom dreads heading out to work tomorrow at 6:45 am when the temps will be 18........brrrrrrrr
Madi and Mom