Thursday, January 21, 2010

My project!

As you have probably heard I am on a quest to find my brothers and sisters that were born when I was....I am pleased to announce that I have found all but one. I can't seem to get in touch with America. I hope to hear from her soon. When I get all the pictures I would like to show you. We are a handsome bunch! Recently I found brother Leo. Wow -- does he get himself in to some fine messes.... It was so good to hear from him. Takoda, Leo and I were quite the handful for mom. I love being in touch with my family. I love them all!
This weekend should be fun. There is a Winter Carnival in St. Paul, MN. Our Newfoundland Club has been asked to be in the parade. Beth said there may be some bad weather coming so we will have to wait and see how that goes. Would be fun to see all of my club member friends. I must say we are an impressive bunch walking all together in parades!
AND then Sunday evening -- FOOTBALL!!!! I am getting RESTLESS! I want the Vikings to win SOOOO bad! People are saying the Saints are going to win by 3 or 4 points. I hope Mr. Brett Favre has it in him to throw one of those last minute touchdowns, if that's the case!
Later. Remington -- the #1 Vikings fan, restless in Minnesota -- out!


Madi and Mom said...

We can hardly wait to see your siblings. Now I know why you ran around sewing wild oats in all the snow banks last was LEO's fault he telepathically told you to go a little crazy.
Madi and Mom

Gloria said...

Sounds like a FUN weekend ahead for you all! Sure wish I could see you in that parade! I am a new Viking fan, so will be in the game with you! Have a blast sweetie!!!

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington I wanted to let you know I'm feeling your hugs!!! Thanks Madi and Mom


Oh, Now we know where that show came from. "THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS". Don't worry Rem, with you rooting for the Vikings, how can they possibly loose?

Riley and Star.

JackDaddy said...

I hope the Vikings win too! Please tell Beth to get lots of pictures of the parade (if you get to go.) I'm glad you've found most of your family - Jack got to meet his mom and dad and 2 of his siblings and his grandfather! Dad didn't seem to be too excited - I think he thought Jack was going to ask for college tuition or something!

Twinkietinydog said...

You've found almost all of them, Remington? How fantastic. Can't wait to see the photos!!! The parade sounds real cool too. Let us know if you go, kk? Enjoy the game :)

great kids mom said...

Hi Rem.
Mom says that I'm such a stinker now(and Tillie was the same way when she was little) so that when I mature I will lay around and be good all day like Grady. (He's my 4 year old Newf brother) I kind of see it as "lets keep some life going in the house". I do try to be good, but there are times when you have to throw your chewie to the wind and go for it.
I can't wait to see picures of all our siblings, and hope you hear from America soon.
Love ya

Sagira said...

That is so neat that you are getting in touch with your litter mates. We met up with 2 of Sagira's litter mates. It was like Christmas morning for me, I couldn't wait to see them a year later. :)

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

How khool your projekht is progressing so well!

Tank woo fur sharing your findings thus far!


Ms. ~K said...

Glad you've been so successful w/ your project...hope the weather cooperates for the parade!!!
Go Vikings!!!
Licks and sniffs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy