Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yes, my friends, there is a Santa....

Today we went to Duluth.

We stopped and got our Hot Pastrami sandwiches! Yummy!!!!
We got to go to Petco. As you can see there are SO many toys to choose from....

But I found just the one (or two) that I wanted.

We were shopping and visiting and I went around the corner and THERE WAS SANTA CLAUS! I couldn't believe it! I RAN to him and he was very happy to see me. I couldn't believe my really was Santa! I just couldn't take my eyes off of him!

Beth said I could tell him what I wanted for Christmas. I didn't want anyone else to hear so I whispered it in his ear.

Got that Santa?

Then we had our picture taken together. With my new toy!


I had the best day ever! There weren't a lot of people there yet so we sat and talked for awhile. I told him I had applied for a job with him and he remembered me from my picture I sent him. He said to never give up -- maybe someday I would be able to work with him.
My dreams tonight are going to be so good....
Later. Remington -- a friend of Santa Claus -- ho, ho, ho!



Hi Rem,

Oh Boy! You got to sit on Santa's lap? You lucky dog you! We can tell that he really liked you a lot. You will probably get a zillion pressies!

We'll mention your name when we see him next week.

Luv ya,

Riley and Star.

JackDaddy said...

I am SO jealous! You got to go see Santa AND you got a really good picture WITH Santa AND you got a pastrami sandwich AND you got a new toy!

Boy that sure is a lot of ANDS! :)

You look really great in your Santa picture! I'm glad you had a good time!

Madi and Mom said...

Remington I don't know how in the world you managed to contain yourself yesterday....oh my word what a grand day to be you!!!!
Madi would have been all over the pastrami sandwich she is all about MEAT...well so are the humans in the family. We are so happy to read that you had a good day and boy what a GREAT picture with Santa!!! What did you whisper in his ear?
Madi and Mom