Sunday, November 15, 2009

Vikings 27 - Lions 10....and a VERY special weekend!


Yep, that's me doing the End Zone Dance! Yes, I DO get a little excited when the Vikings win! By the way, I don't try to look mean while doing my dance but I kinda got these things called jowls that hang down and they were really flying here!
I was so happy there was Sunday football -- it seemed like forever! Mr. Brett Favre did it again! The Vikings went all out today with all their weapons! Defense was great -- the Mullet Man (J. Allen -- #69) did his job superbly! Adrian Peterson, my man!, ran like the wind. This is me trying to copy Adrian Peterson! Our grass was crunchy white this morning. I like that!

As you can probably tell -- I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!!
This weekend was very special because it was my two VERY favorite girls' birthdays. Beth's birthday on Saturday and Bailey's birthday on Sunday. Wow, they almost had their birthday on the same day! I asked Beth how old she was and she said she was 28 starting the third time around....I don't get it!?! So I will say she is 28 years old. To celebrate Beth's birthday she wanted to go back to Fargo. Geez, we were just there on Friday for Mike's eye appointment. But we went and had a lot of fun. Mike and I walked around Broadway while Beth went to her favorite shops. She really likes it in Fargo! I guess they use to live there.
Today is Bailey's birthday!

This is a picture of Bailey. She is 7 years old. Isn't she pretty? She is just like a princess. We called her this morning and sang Happy Birthday to her over the phone and she giggled. Beth said maybe next weekend Bailey will get to come to our house to celebrate her birthday with us! I can't wait to see her and Trevor!
Gotta go and see if Mike is up for a quick game of football before supper.
Later. Remington -- Vikings #1 fan -- out!


JackDaddy said...

You look amazing doing your end zone dance. I think if they let puppies play you would win every game!

I think maybe your mom is like 84 years old. Please tell her she doesn't look her age! :)

I'm glad everyone had a good time in Fargo. I hope you had a fun trip!

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington,
Sweet boy you scared the Meow out of me catching that football!!! B U T I know the truth you are a great big teddy bear!!! I'm glad we are friends. What great news to hear a good weekend was had by all. I bet your mom told you that every day was like her birthday when she was with Mike and you. Moms are like that!!!
Bailey is beautiful. Mom says she sees lots of
Beth in Bailey.
Madi and Mom