Monday, November 9, 2009

I am 10 months old....

My how time flies when you are having fun! That is what Beth says all the time. I can't believe I am already 10 months old. How do you like my picture? It looks like I have dog wings, ha ha! We are playing the guessing game now because Beth and Mike don't have a scale that is big enough for me and Mike can't seem to lift me as easy as he use they THINK I weigh 120 pounds and they THINK I stand 29 inches. They also have to guess at how tall I am because I have now started to have a fear of the tape measure. It's all shiny and I don't like it! So Beth said we would just guess this time and maybe by 11 months we will go by a vets clinic and stop in and get weighed and maybe she could find another measuring thingy.
Beth said we are going to have a party on my 1st birthday. I can't wait! I hope we hire a band and maybe rent a big room somewhere with lots of streamers and LOTS and LOTS of friends and we can dance and sing till the wee hours of the morning (or in our case bedtime AT 9:00 pm!)
Time to supervise Beth on her cleaning....I do not know what she would do without me! I watch her SOOOO closely to make sure it's done well! She's catching on....
Later. Remington -- the 10 month old -- out!


Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

I can't believe you're only 10 months old, Remington! You're such a big, handsome boy, and it looks like your mom combed you out before she took your picture. Congrats on your 200 (well, 201 now, I guess) post as well. And don't be afraid of the measuring tape, it won't get 'cha (although tell your mom to have you stand next to a wall or door and make a small mark or use a piece of tape to mark the top of your shoulders and then she come back with the measuring tape later when you're safely out of the way).

JackDaddy said...

Happy 10-a-versary to you!
I think the party idea is great - just make sure you have lots and lots of food for everyone to eat.
You could even invite a cat or two just to show everyone how nice you are!

Please tell Beth if she runs out of cleaning, she should bring you and visit Jack. Jack has a LOT of cleaning that he needs to have done! :)

Madi and Mom said...

Happy 10 month birthday Remington. You are so very handsome. Beth does such a good job of grooming you and you are very tolerant of the attention!!
You are a very very big boy and still growing.
More to love!!!
Madi and Mom