Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hide and seek....

Mike is so much fun! He likes to play football with me. We play at least twice a day. Good times. We also have a game called "hide and seek". I don't know if he thinks I'm a slow learner or what!?! I know he's on the couch and then he puts this pillow up (like I don't know he's there) and acts surprised when I am on the other side of it. Who is a little slow???? I mean really! But I like to humor the guy so I just keep doing it. Gotta keep him happy! Dudder calling me to play so I am off! See ya. Remington -- peek-a-boo -- out!


Madi and Mom said...

Good Tuesday Morning Remington,
You my friend have a GOOD life, fun, games, food, parades, and lots of LOVE!!! Sometimes we have to humor the peeps making them think they are smarter than we are.
Keep playing big guy.
Madi and Mom

Miley said...

Hi Remington!!!! Those humans always think they have us fooled!!! Seriously!!! Your very nice and thoughtful, Rem to go along with it!!! BOL!!!

lotsa licks,

JackDaddy said...

Maybe he's eating something when he's hiding behind the pillow and he doesn't want you to see! I would start checking his pockets for hidden sandwiches!