Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bathroom terrors....

This is a chicken.

This is me.

Mike called me a chicken. I do believe this guy needs to go back to school and get some education on what a chicken really looks like.
Here's what happened. Last night I decided to sleep in the bedroom on the floor. I don't do that often but last night I was a little chilled so the carpet felt good. All of a sudden I saw this light come on in the bathroom. Mike and Beth were sleeping so I knew it wasn't them. I thought of the story Beth told me that Madi had sent her about the Maco light. (if you DARE read it here is the website: -- I will warn you's scary). Anyway, THEN I saw a dark figure! Oh my! I could only think of the ghost stories on TV that Beth and I watched during Halloween. What if it was in our house!?! I jumped on the bed and howled and barked as loud as was doggie possible! Mike and Beth jumped out of bed (a little dazed, I might add) -- Beth said "he's looking in the bathroom"....Mike said "no, he probably just saw a deer". Yeah, right Mike, a deer! It's a MONSTER I tell you. Beth said she was sure I was looking in the bathroom. This is what it looked like --I am scared now even looking at it!

And as I sat on the bed shaking -- Beth went all by herself and turned on the big light. And there it was --

Forrest sitting on the sink.
What a relief! Beth came back and told me that when the air exchanger starts the light comes on. She said even though I sleep in there most of the time, I probably hadn't noticed it.
Mike laughed and laughed and said I was just a chicken. I didn't know what a "chicken" was so this morning I got up and checked it out on Google. I am NOT a chicken. Good grief! But I am not going to laugh at Mike for making a mistake like that. Beth has taught me manners and it's not nice to laugh at people even if they have laughed at you.
I am just happy that we don't have dark figures, ghosts or anything else scary in our house.
I really need a nap after last night.
Later. Remington -- I am NOT a chicken! -- I am NOT a bear! -- I am just a concerned Newfoundland! -- out!


Madi and Mom said...

Oh my word Remington I'm so glad it wasn't the Maco Light come visiting. Too funny about the light coming on though. I'm sure Jack will tell you that you better watch out for cats they are a sneaky lot. Being a cat, I will just go ahead and apologize in advance for ANYTHING the felines in your house do. I don't think they mean any harm the are just light on their feet and smaller. You are not a chicken big guy. You are my hero.
Madi the Cat mediator!!!

JackDaddy said...

Doesn't Mike know that chickens have feathers and you have fuzz?

Besides, I think that dog eggs would not taste good for breakfast!