Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Okay, this Halloween thing is kinda scaring me. Beth is on this watching ghost story kick. Creepy! Yesterday we watched something called Ghost Stories. And they are real true things! I don't know if you know what a ghost is but its an invisible person that isn't really there but you can see them. I "think" that is right, I don't really understand it, just creeps me out! Anyway this one was about the Egyptian Theater in Boise, ID.

Yes, right here in the good USA! Can you believe it? People have seen and heard this ghost named Joe. I was so scared that I was plastered up against Beth.

She said not to worry that Boise, ID was far away and we didn't have any ghosts in our house. I was so scared I was just shaking. What in the world would I do with an invisible ghost AND the monsters outside the bedroom window? Beth hugged me and said the only ghost I should think of is Casper. So she showed me a picture of Casper and that made me wag my tail. He is a FRIENDLY ghost.

She said that the rest are other places that we don't go and that we can just watch them on TV. Kinda like SpongeBob. However, I would like to go to the pineapple under the sea!
Only four more days until all this Halloween stuff is over. I wonder what will be next. This being my first year to deal with all of this is scary-exciting. Just think next year I'll be prepared!
Later -- Remington -- The friendly Newf -- out!


Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington, now I'm shaking in my booties too. I don't like anything sudden...like noises, movements etc. Mom calls me scaredy cat...
You stay right there beside Beth she'll take care of you. I have some kitty friends over at Island Cats...they have to be on deer watch too. Deer came right up to their front porch ate their Mom's mums and some of the ivy....sneaky little things.

Madi and Mom said...

PS you are right don't tell mom but I do like posing and I do like being a diva...you know me well!!! Madi

JackDaddy said...

I think the ghosts know you would kick their butts if they came to your house so that is why they stay away!!
Ask your mom about all the good stuff you get to eat on Halloween. That will make it worth the wait! :)