Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday boy -- AND -- On the road again....

This young man is Trevor. I know you have read about him before! He is Beth and Mike's grandson and one of my best friends! Today is his birthday! He is four years old. We don't get to see him today because they live far away and his parents said they are busy today. SOOOO we called him and we are going to go and see him really soon and take him a BIG present! I hope he has a fun, fun, fun birthday! Knowing Trevor he ALWAYS has fun!

Now on to my day....

As Willie sings....On the road again....I got into Beth's old music....
Beth and I took a road trip today. We went to Duluth....hhhmmmm....seems like we were just there on Saturday....but I guess Beth forgot to get some yarn or something so she said it was a yarn trip. That sounds too girlie so I say ROAD TRIP!

I love Duluth. It's so pretty and has LOTS of water! Isn't Lake Superior pretty? And there are always big boats out there somewhere.

We went through a tunnel and I wasn't even scared!

Don't get excited I did....these are not Newfies....they are something called cows....but they kinda look like Newfies from a I barked at them.

Here is another view of Duluth....

And of course those beautiful leaves!

It was a fun day. We got to stop in this little town called McGregor and get some yummy bread for supper! They have the BEST....that's what Beth says! And then we stopped at the apple orchard place and got more fresh honey crisp apples! They are REALLY yummy! We have those for dessert at night!
Dudley really missed me so I better go and play with him!
Later -- Road Trippin' Remy -- out!



Hi Remington,

Trevor is precious!!!! We could just lick his little face all over!

Your road trip was beautiful! Lucky you.

Mommy says thanks for the get well wishes you sent her way. She's feeling better now.

Luv ya,

Riley and Star.

JackDaddy said...

Oh my.... so many good things about this post!
Two very very handsome boys - one of them is just a bit hairier than the other! :) Happy Birthday Trevor!

We always get honey crisp apples this time of year, but we have to go to a special grocery store to get them. But that's ok. I guess it's our 'apple trip'.

Re: Jack's Plastic Bag - Remington, I want you to know that Jack does exactly the same thing you do. He thinks it is fun to see how quickly he can rip them apart. Fortunately, I took the picture right as he picked one up off the ground.

We have a French bakery close by where we go to get bread - it is always heaven when we walk in because of the smell. And they make so many different kinds of bread and other goodies! I'm getting fatter just thinking about it! :)

I hope your cows weren't the plastic one like I saw. He was pretty boring!

Thank you for showing us your pictures of your trip!!

Madi and Mom said...

Happy Birthday Trevor!!!!! What a handsome boy.
Remington what a wonderful day you had. A pup can't have much more fun than you did. I don't know how you stayed so calm talking about all that fun. I bet you met lots of adoring fans along the way to. MADI and I lol at the cow picture. Remington you and Mom make one fine blog. The fall colors in your state are just gorgeous. Madi and Mom