Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vikings 34 - Browns 20

Welcome to Vikings Country one and all! Today's game was da bomb! Vikings 34 -- Browns 20. And my man, Adrian Peterson was outstanding! 25 carries, 180 yards, 1 reception and 3, YES , 3 touchdowns!!!! He's almost as fast as me! Can you believe it! GO VIKINGS!!!!

Remington -- "Crazy Legs" (that's my football name, cause I'm SOOOO fast) -- OUT!



Dear Craz Legs,

Wow, you are not only a cool doggie dude but you are a football hero too! I think you might even have a future as a Football Comentator!

Keep us posted on your career.

Proud to be your friend,


JackDaddy said...

Remington, the peoples do go crazy with their football don't they. The tall guy did a football picture of me last year when I was just a little pup:

You, however, look like you're ready to play!

How they got you to wear the hat, I'll never know! :)

Madi and Mom said...

Oh me Remington...let me get up off the floor from laughing!!! When your picture in the cap and jersey came up I just about fell out of my chair. That is so cute. Rem you look quite dashing in purple. Maybe you should ask the peeps to by you a purple collar. Ok I have one question HOW many Vikings did it take to get that jersey on you? Whew. thanks for a great Monday morning LOLTIME (laughing out loud with tears in my eyes).
Toto was a firm believe in learning as he lived luckily he seemed to learn from bad experiences.
Madi and Mom