Monday, September 14, 2009

Festival Fun!

I got to go to another festival yesterday. This one was in Little Falls, MN. They sure are friendly there. Everyone was stopping and talking to me. As you can see by the pics I posted....I got to kiss a little girl. She giggled. I love kids. I really miss Bailey and Trevor. I wish I could see them more often....
I guess I better clarify something. A dear friend of mine named Jack....we are blogging buddies....he asked about the cooking of my yummy, yummy bone! I said Mike flash cooked it and I was suppose to say flash boil. My bad....sorry Jack for any confusion. Mike said all he does is boil the water and puts the bone in for just a few minutes and then takes the marrow out (he says it would really make a mess on the carpet otherwise) and he lets it cool and it's MINE. Yummy!!!!
I better go and get ready for supper. Mike will be here pretty soon and I always lay by the door so I don't miss him....Later Gator!
Remington -- out!

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Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington....I see you are kissing beautiful babies....are you running for a political office?
If so I WILL VOTE FOR YOU and work for free on your campaign.
I'm glad you and Jack are a tag time in PWF.. you'll win all the rumbles.
Madi and Mom
PS Great pictures