Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vikings 27 - Lions 13

They Won! They Won! I am doing the End Zone Dance! It was a great game! My man, Adrian Peterson did it again! 15 carries, 92 yards and then just to make it even more sweet -- a 29 yard touchdown! Go Adrian! Brett Favre who is the new old guy this year did great! He had 23 of 25 passes completed! Looks like he might just know what he is doing out there! They should of gotten him years ago! He also got TWO touchdowns! I am really liking this football thing! Mike and I just sit by the big TV and I had a bowl of puppy treats and some water and Mike had some popcorn and peanuts and a bear. I don't know what HE thinks a bear is but it don't come in a bottle! I am going to get a picture of a "real" bear and show him. The guy was enjoying the game so much I didn't have the heart to tell him.... What I "think" he meant to say was water....
I am all played out from yelling and dancing! From what Mike tells me this is going to happen almost every Sunday for awhile! I am glad -- I like to be with Mike. Beth likes it too but during the game I sit with Mike. Just feels more like a Man Land know what I mean, right?
By the way if anyone would like to learn my End Zone Dance here is how it goes....2 steps to your left and 2 steps to your right and jump up. It's easy! Just repeat as many times as you want!
I need a nap! Later. Remington -- The Dancing Vike! -- TOUCHDOWN!



Hi Remington, I didn't you could dance? When I get back in town, you can take me out dance'n okay? I'll have to wear my ten inch heels though.

I like your Viking's outfit...very macho and you look really handsome in it!

Oh, and tanks for your lovely words and support.

We luuuuv you Remington,

Star and Riley.

JackDaddy said...

Hmmm, your end zone dance sounds a little like the Time Warp. Have your mom and dad rent Rocky Horror for you to watch! :)

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington,
You had me LOL this am with the visual of Mike drinking a 'bear'!!!HA!!! I bet you looked really cool doing your end zone dance in your fancy clothes....I hope you are resting this morning sounds like you had a lot of excitement yesterday. Do you and Mike have a Mancave?
Madi and Mom