Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is the life....

The weekend is here and we are relaxing. Beth has supper in the oven and even made some treats. I sure hope I get some!!!! I don't sleep on my bed anymore at night but during the day I sneak on Mike and Beth's bed and snooze. Beth caught me today. I like having that big bed all to myself!
The Vikings play tomorrow so I have to have Beth get my jersey all washed up so I am ready to watch it. That would be so much fun to be out there running around trying to get the ball. I think I would do the team some good. I am strong and can run really fast! Mike and I were outside today and he was showing some football moves. He use to play football but not for the Vikings. Maybe someday....after I am done with my wrestling. I should get started working out. But since I played football with Mike today that should kinda be like working out. I forgot the other day after Sponge Bob was over. I laughed until my belly jiggled when Patrick and Sponge Bob got into some funny situations! Silly Jack thinks that Sponge Bob is a sponge from the bathroom. NO! Sponge Bob IS a REAL person!!!! Geez!
The outdoor kitties were relaxing today too. It was a nice day for all of us!
What do I hear? I think Beth is taking supper out of the oven -- gotta go -- who knows, maybe she'll make me a big plate of whatever they are having....or if I look at her with my pretty brown eyes maybe she'll at least give me a taste. Remington -- Outta here!


Madi and Mom said...

Morning what did you have delicious for supper? There was a lovely aroma up here in NC so it must have been your vittles.
The peeps had Autumn Pork(I love pork) Stew last night...very good although not stew weather...but Dad said that was what a/c is for.
You, Dad and the outdoor kitties had a nice time.
Not much going on here today we'll be enjoying the last lazy crazy days of summer weekends today.
Madi and Mom

JackDaddy said...

I will share my supper with you any time! Sometimes the tall guy puts squirty stuff on it, and it tastes really good!