Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The start of vacation....

Yesterday was the start of this thing called vacation for Mike. All it means is that he is home and not at work. We went to Duluth so I could get my shots updated for school next week. I only had to get one and they just put this stuff up my nose so it wasn't a needle or anything. But I had to have it to keep me healthy. It didn't hurt and I was a brave boy. The girl that did it said I was VERY good! I didn't get to see my Doctor either. Bummer. But now I am all ready for school. The pictures are of us at the doctor's office. I weighed in at 103. I AM getting to be a big boy!
Today we are relaxing and Mike is busy doing stuff around the house. Seems weird to have him here.
Last night Beth went in the van without me. I DID NOT like it at all! Mike tried to take me for a walk. Like I could concentrate on that with Beth missing. I went about a half a block and wanted to go back home. What if Beth was to come back and I wasn't there!?! Then when we got home I just stood in the yard and didn't want to go in the house. I just could not figure out why she would leave without me. She has NEVER done that before. Mike got me to go in finally and we watched some TV. About two hours later Beth came back. I was so excited! I missed her so much. I would not leave her side! She told me that she went to a spinners meeting. She said that sometimes she would have to go places without me. I told her I didn't think that was a good idea. She said we could talk about it later. We had to watch America's Got Talent. The dog that catches Frisbee's was on. He was really good last night. My favorite is Kevin Skinner. He sings and he is a chicken catcher. That sounds like fun. Just chases chickens, by the way they are birds. That would be a fun game and that's what he did for a living. Playing and running! My kind of job! Tonight we get to see if he will go on to the next level. It's so exciting!
I better go and see if Mike needs some help. He's trying to put a new light up. I am sure I can help! Later. Remington -- The Helper -- out!


Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington,
Great report for the VET...whoa 103 lbs....boy I'll be nice to you if we meet you could squash me and my 10+ frame. Great pictures of you all too.(Note from Mom: Remington, Madi thinks it is great when anyone weighs more than she does takes the pressure of her she is constantly trying to get more food).She says to thank you for the very sweet comment too. WE took about 20 pictures of her in the octagonal sun spot. The one for next Wed. is just the opposite of today's theme. You all have a great vacation. I know you'll enjoy having your Mom and Dad with you this week.

JackDaddy said...

Please send the chicken catcher out here. There are lots of chickens for him to catch!


Hope you are having a grrreat vacation. Star and me are so small that it's good to have friends that carry soem weight around here. We feel safer already.

Riley and Star.