Monday, August 17, 2009

You just never know....

This was one great weekend! I got to start sleeping where I want, I got a real bone, and Mike took the crate out of the van and put up this crate wall thingy so I have the whole back of the van and a nice seat to lay on and look outside if I want. Life is SOOOO good!
This morning while Beth was working in the kitchen, I went down to the family room. I had heard Mike say that he put some new music on his ipod. So I went down and was messing around with it. I found a song that I know Beth likes by this guy named Johnny Cash. It's called Ring of Fire. I started to play it and thought, you know Mike sings all the time -- maybe I should try. So I did. I found out it is fun! Then I looked up and there stood Beth watching. I got a little red in the face and she said I was very good. She said maybe someday I would make it big and they could call me "Buckboard Booty". Don't ask me where THAT came from. Any way she left and said keep it up, you are doing great! So I did. Then after my throat started to get a little sore I laid down and started daydreaming. I love to daydream....I thought, you know, on America's Got Talent there was a dog on there the other night. Of course, he was catching Frisbee's in the air but why couldn't a dog sing. I can just hear it now....Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome to our stage -- Buckboard Booty! The crowd would clap and holler and I would walk out on stage and sing. When I would get done the judges would be amazed and the crowd would clap again! Then maybe I could get all of my friends to call to vote for me. I would have a lot to call but I bet they would do it. After laying there awhile I ran upstairs and told Beth about it. She smiled and said "Wouldn't that be something!". She said you never know what can happen. She said that when you have an idea to try something, like singing, you should try it and if you like it then practice at it and enjoy it while you do it, not just think of making it big. She said what is most important is to be happy doing it. She said God blesses us with all kinds of talents and He does that so it will make us happy AND others by doing it. Doesn't matter if it is singing, helping others or just being a nice. She said there is nothing wrong with daydreaming and wanting to make it big, just don't dwell on that, there are so many things in life that we can enjoy. She has a way of saying things that make sense. I hope I will be able to talk like that someday. Hey, if I practice then maybe I can!I still like to daydream, though. And like Beth said there is nothing wrong with that. So I think I will go and lay by the air conditioner and have myself another little would be fun to meet David Hasslehoff. He is nice. Later -- Remington/Buckboard Booty -- out!