Monday, August 24, 2009

Me and Dud -- BFF (Best Friends Forever)

My bestest friend, Dudley! He is so cool! He will be 10 years old on October 1st. We run and play and he lets me win sometimes. He has never clawed me like the "other" one.... We lay on the bed together and sometimes I clean his head and then he tries to clean mine. His tongue isn't very big though. He likes to lay in the sun where it's warm and I like the air conditioner blowing on me. He lays on top of my crate. We only keep my toys in there now -- I don't know why they don't lock me in there any more. I think it was kinda like a playpen for a baby and I am NOT a baby any more. I am a big boy. So it's fine by me!
Okay....I know you are all waiting to hear....we went to St. Cloud this weekend and I jumped right in the drivers seat and didn't know how to make it go. Mike said "what do you think you are doing?" I told him all about my license and how now I could drive and he could sit in the crate. I guess I didn't think I was a comedian but the way he laughed at me you would of thought I was Larry the Cable Guy or something. FINALLY after he "finished" laughing he explained to me that I have a dog license. That means that I am registered in our city and if I get lost someone will know where to take me by calling the city and looking up the number on the tag. Good idea! I don't see that happening, I don't plan on going ANY WHERE by myself. But everyone who owns a dog in the city must have one. A DRIVERS license is something completely different. Well you can imagine how embarrassed I was! So I got out and let him drive. I am okay with all of this. I just will relax in the back and enjoy the scenery. It was kinda fun to daydream about though....
Hey, Dudley just came running in and said I was "It". You know what that means....the chase is on! By the way I can run faster than him, I just can't jump on the table....anymore.... Later. Remington -- Out!


Madi and Mom said...

Remington, Mom is officially a fruitcake...she just posted on your 8/21/09 blog. We're so sorry...maybe when you have time you can scroll down to that post. Also did you see our blog of yesterday (8/23/09) "oops I ate it"? We gave you an award.

Dudley is beautiful...or maybe I should say handsome. Next time you two are grooming tell him Madi says HI!!! He and I would have lots of fun running. Oh and the thought of you jumping on the table is just too funny.
Madi and Mom

Madi and Mom said...

Remington you were on your Mom's lace tablecloth.
Oh me oh my...That must be one sturdy table. You are a big boy. Were you and Dudley playing follow the leader? I bet Mom did scream. Just between you and me(Madi) I'm proud of you good job!!! HA!!! I'm impressed (Mom speaking) I can say I have never seen a dog on a table before. Thanks for telling me where to look. I actually thought you were new to blogging I see you've been at it some time. As I was scrolling back I saw lots of your post I want to read and will be doing it a little at a time.
Madi and Mom

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington and Beth...thanks so much for your kind comments. We've been living here 26 years. We moved here when our daughter was 12 along with our 8 year old mini dachshund,Toto. Raleigh is getting too large and crowded. I'd love to move to the NC mtns. when I retire in 2011. We're glad you checked in to hear the rest of Madi's story. I'm pleased to say she calmed down considerable after the first year..otherwise one of us would have been medicated. HA!! As you know cats of all ages get the night crazies as I call it. She'll be lying perfectly still and asleep. All of a sudden she gets a wild hair and off she goes. She sounds like an elephant running above us. When that happens at your house, you have Remington and
Dudley with the night crazies. The hummers are wild tonight.
Madi and Mom



We wish we had a friend like Dudley, what fun! Enjoy each other's friendship.

Oh, and you can bring Dudley to my birthday party too. Madi will be there!

See ya later.


JackDaddy said...

If you come out to visit, I will let you and Jack take the car and go wherever you like! Just make sure you fill it up with gas when you head home!