Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am a teenager -- I am sorry!

I am a teenager! I have been labeled this because I am acting out of the ordinary. The other day Beth and I went out to get the mail and I "accidentally" jumped on her from behind and knocked her down. She laid there for awhile and I thought she was faking so I just stood there and stared at her. Finally she got up and did NOT look happy and we went directly into the house! I heard her talk to Mike and she said she must of been out for a bit because she didn't remember all of it. THEN on Monday we went for our walk and I saw this scary machine coming down the road and freaked out. I knocked Beth over again and she held on for dear life to my collar and I just drug her down in the ditch. AGAIN when she got up she DID NOT look happy. THEN the next day we went for a walk and I decided to jump up and grab my leash and instead I got her hand. Guess what? She was not happy. I heard her on the phone with my doctor talking about something called neutering. I don't know what that is but hey, if I get to see my doctor then I am all for it! There was a big family discussion after supper. I guess my doctor said that we should not "neuter" yet, darn! That means I won't get to see her for awhile then. AND Mike now is in charge of walking me. He doesn't put up with as much as Beth and he is stronger than she is. They keep saying I am getting bigger but I don't feel any bigger. Beth said I weigh almost as much as she does! I still feel like a little puppy! I just want to play and have fun. Beth said it just doesn't work that way when you start to get bigger. A TEENAGER she calls me. She said I would grow out of this stage so I guess things will get better. I hope Beth can go back to taking me for a walk, not that I don't like Mike but he just doesn't talk to me as much as Beth does when we walk. He's ALL business! BORING! Mike said when I learn to go for a walk nicely then Beth can start again. He said I could really hurt her. I don't want to hurt her. I love her!
So I will just have to try to control this thing called "teenager" and get it under control. Kinda scary cause I don't mean to do anything wrong -- just not my style. But it's like I don't have any control and before you know it I have done something they are not happy with. I will really have to work on this.
I need a nap! Later. Remington -- the TEENAGER -- out!


JackDaddy said...

OH, poor everyone. Have you gone to school yet? I took Jack to school but I think we need to go for a refresher course!

Jack was 'tutored' when he was 4 months old. I actually think it helped, and I'm not big on the whole operation!

JackDaddy said...

Oh, you can also get an anti-jumping harness. Jack had one for a while - it makes it almost impossible for them to jump. It restricts some running as well, but it might be worth a look.

Madi and Mom said...

Oh Remington....I'm so sorry to hear this and by the look on your face you are very sorry too. Poor Beth that must have been very scary. In his mind he is still a puppy you can hold. There is another dog blog Behr (great dane), early in the summer he was at a dog park, got excited started running towards his mom with all his buddies they decked her with what was estimated a total poundage of 400 lbs. Messed up her knee big time.
Madi and Mom

Author: Arlene said...

You need to tell Beth & Mike that it takes a lot of time to grow out of the naughty stage. I'm 3 now and I'm still naughty. Especially this week. Mom was SOOOOOOOOO mad at me for getting into things while she was at work that she's but the crate in the middle of the living room floor and that's what I stay in while she's at work. I've kind of given her the cold shoulder cause I'm not real happy with her for doing this but she still gives me treats so I'm trying to be nicer. Oh, by the way - mom got me a prong collar to wear when she takes me for a walk. It helps me focus a bit better on what I should and shouldn't be doing. It doesn't hurt, it's actually a gentle reminder that I need to behave when other dogs come to greet me. Maybe Beth could get one for you and then you could walk better for her. Take it easy bro, we'll both get the hang of this people business sooner or later. Oh ya, hmmmmm - you might want to rethink the neuter thing, Hobo tells me it wasn't any fun when he had it done a couple of years ago..... Hmmm ...... See ya, Ben