Friday, July 24, 2009

Lazy days....

Have you ever just had one of those days when all you wanted to do is just lay around and do nothing. Well, that is me today. I just want to enjoy the nice day and sit on the deck and watch the birds and stray kitties. Beth and I have been sitting on the deck and she has read to me. I like to hear her read it makes me feels good.
Yesterday Beth got upset. She said it took a lot to keep from saying anything.... We went to the grocery store and there were two guys by the back of their pickup hollering -- "Free puppies". Poor little puppies they didn't know what was going on. And those guys didn't really care who took them or what happened to them. Beth said -- why would anyone just go to get groceries and decide, hey -- I should get a puppy too! She thinks that when anyone gets an animal they should make sure everything is ready at home for them and that it should be a good experience for the little guys. Anyway, she really went on and on about it when Mike got home. Mike said he thought that maybe it was better for the puppies because hard telling what those guys would do to them if they didn't really care. She agreed but said she has a hard time understanding it. I guess she has worked with the Humane Society in the past and has seen some pretty bad stuff. The Humane Society helps protect animals, I guess. Seems fitting that she would of been a part of that. She REALLY likes animals. I guess I am pretty lucky to be with her.
Any way, we are just going to have a good day and do nothing. I bet I get some treats and I KNOW I will get some big hugs! I like today....later. Remington -- Mr. Relaxation -- Out!

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