Monday, June 29, 2009

Cat + Raccoon = Funny

Well, we had another friend this morning. We saw Blackie, the other stray cat, eating breakfast and all of a sudden he stopped eating and backed away. Well, Bandit, our little raccoon, came for breakfast too. We know Bandit comes during the night because he climbs our trees and eats the suet for the birds. This morning he must of been REALLY hungry because he came out in the daylight. Blackie just sat there watching Bandit eat and when Bandit left Blackie went and finished his breakfast. We sure have a funny bunch of friends that come out of the little forest out back. Fun to watch! I looked up raccoons on google and found this out: they live in wooded areas, don't come out much during the day, can live up to 16 years old in the wild but most don't make it past 2 years old. They are great climbers and are strong swimmers. They have really good hearing and excellent night vision. They can be pets too but when they get older they can cause a lot trouble. So I think we will just watch them and not bring them in the house. Beth won't let me go out by the little forest. She said that is their area and I can watch from the window or the deck but otherwise I am not allowed there. That's okay, I have a lot of space that I get to play in. Cooler outside today and I like that. We have to practice our lessons really well today -- because tomorrow I get to go to school again! I can't wait to see all of my friends! I miss them. Better go and practice. Later!

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