Thursday, March 5, 2009

I think I've changed my mind....

It's Thursday evening. All of my bags are packed and waiting by the door. I am ready to leave. It's been quite a day. My family gave us boys a going away party. It was so much fun. We had party hats and lots of treats. There was music and we tried to dance as best as we could. Mom and Dad were so funny. We got lots of hugs and kisses from them. David and Mary joined in the fun. We had soooo much fun!

But now it's dark and quiet. Everyone is sleeping, except me. I did some research on the internet today. I found out a lot of stuff. And now I just can't stop thinking. I don't think I want to go to Minnesota. I don't want to leave my mom, dad, brothers and sisters. Not even David and Mary. What will it be like? I don't know Mike and Beth. What if they aren't nice people? What if they are mean to me? What if I'm not what they thought I'd be? What if I get too big and they will think that isn't a good idea? Will anyone comb my hair or give me a bath? I have heard that some people get puppies and all is well until they grow up then people get tired of them and tie them up outside. No one comes and plays with them or hugs them or even talks to them. They just give them some food and water and run back in the house. If it's cold out the water will freeze and then I would have no water. And if in the hot weather I accidently tip my water bowl over, I would have none. If they get busy sometimes you won't get anything for a couple of days. Some people make a little house outside called a dog house. If you aren't tied up then you are in this cage. When it's cold no one is there to hold you. You just shiver and try to get by. The nights would be scary with cold blowing snow. OR in the summer when there is bad weather, I wouldn't know what to do. This can go on for years. When you get sick or they don't want you any more they give you to someone else or put you down, and we all know what that means. I don't want a life like that. I am a good boy. I know God wouldn't want me to live like that. I don't want to be left alone. I don't want anyone to ignore me. I don't want to be lonely. I also heard that some people will hit you if you don't do as they say or if you have an accident (potty). Or they put a collar on you that shocks you if you don't do as they say. All this just sounds like torture. I doesn't sound nice at all. Don't people understand that we want to do a good job and that they need to show us what they want us to do. Just like a little child -- it takes some time and sometimes we forget and make a mistake. We wouldn't mean to. Some people will do bad things to you and then say "it's just a dog". What is THAT suppose to mean? Do they think we are a piece of furniture? Don't they think we have feelings? Don't they know everyone deserves to be loved? Why do people even want us if they don't plan to take really good care of us? We need to learn just like children do and if no one takes the time to do that, what are we suppose to do? Mary said she checks everyone out, but what if things change? No one will know. I know there are places that protect animals but if no one reports it, what are we to do? We can't get away to tell on them. And if we do get away the police will capture us and put us in cages and if no one comes for us or wants us, they -- well you know. I don't want that to happen to me. I don't want any of that! I just want to stay here. It's nice here and everyone loves me. It has been such a happy life so far. I know I am young but what if I never see my parents, brothers, sisters or Mary and David ever again. What if where I go isn't nice and no one ever finds out to come and save me.

My brothers must not be thinking about this. They leave on Saturday. Right now they are snoring away.

I guess I will just say a prayer and know that God will take care of everything. Mommy always tells me that if I put my trust in God that everything will work out. AND my mommy is a very smart lady, so I will just think about good things and try to get some sleep. I just hope those bad thoughts stay away.

5 o'clock is going to come early so am going to close for now. Please say a prayer for me that everything will work out good in my life and for my brothers and sisters too! Thank you.

Love, Remington

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