Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am in Minnesota!

Wow! What a day it was on "Gotcha Day" which was yesterday! It started out leaving at 5 am and then we traveled for 6 hours. Went a little longer than expected because we run into some road construction in Chicago. But Mary brought her friend Arlene along and she was nice to me and talked to me while Mary drove. I was a little scared but it was ok. Then we got to Madison, WI and I met Mike and Beth. They are fun! Mike got on the floor and played with me and took me outside. It was great. Then I had to say goodbye to Mary. I teared up a little but I know I will see her again. Then it was off to Minnesota. We had fun. We laughed and I got a lot of hugs. Beth held me some and I slept in my little house in the back of the van for awhile. Then Beth held me again. They said we would be home in 6 1/2 hours but it took us 8 1/2 hours because we stopped a lot to play and go potty. I told Mike and Beth about the concerns I had on Thursday night and they told me not to worry they would make sure that would never happen to me. That made me happy. I trust them.

We got to my new home and it is really cool. I have toys and a little house to go in if I want. I ate and played before bedtime. Mike and Beth said I was great because I haven't had any potty accidents yet! Then at bedtime I got to see my very own bed! It's like Mike and Beth's but it's along side Mike's side. I slept all night. Mike put a floor fan by me and I liked that.

Now it's morning. I went potty outside and ate breakfast. Beth and I visited while I ate, just like I did with my brothers, except she drank something called coffee, that was nice. Then Mike had to leave for work. Beth said he "had to go and bring home the bacon", I don't know what that is but I sure hope it's a treat! We'll see when he gets back. Then Beth and I went outside and played and I did my thing again. They sure get excited when I go to the bathroom!?! Now I am going to take a nap under Beth's desk. There is even a little bed there for me! I like it here.

Oh yeah, guess what, I have brothers and a sister here too! But they are something called cats. They are a little different. They like me but they have something called claws and Beth said I should maybe keep it down a little or I might get scratched. She said that would hurt -- so I won't be doing that!

I wonder if my brothers are scared to leave today. I think about my family, but I know everything will be ok.

I need a nap. Later!

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