Monday, March 16, 2009

I love Mike!!!!

I don't get to see Mike very much because he's getting "The Bacon" (I think that is treats, but I'm not sure yet). Well, he was home on Sunday and we played and played. It was so much fun! He even got in my little house with me. He is so good to me! I really love him!
Today Beth and I cleaned the house. She has this thing called a vac. I don't like the noise but I was brave and I did go by it -- wasn't that big of deal.
It is getting warmer out so Beth took me out on the deck -- that's a room without walls only a railing type deal so we don't fall off. I put my head in between the railings by mistake and couldn't get it out. I cried a little and Beth helped me get out. Good view though! It also has steps to get down but there is a gate on there so we won't fall down by mistake. It's up in the air so I can see a long way. We cleaned it off and just enjoyed the fresh air. She has had the patio door open all morning. We can't get out because it has a screen on it. She said fresh air does us all good! I agree.
Lunch time! I better go, don't want to miss that!


The Zoo said...

Oh Remington you are just too cute! You look so snuggly, wuggly, smooshy faced and I feel I must give you smooches as soon as possible! I love the picture of you and Mike in your house. That is so cute! I also love the picture of you running like the wind! You are so fast for a puppy! I can't wait to read more about your life as a Newf puppy. You look a lot like my Gabe when he was a puppy. So freakin' cute!

Lynn said...

Now that's devotion right there, 4th pic down, brilliant!