Sunday, March 15, 2009

First off it was weigh in day and I weigh 22 pounds! Mike and Beth said that was great for 9 weeks old.
Then Mike and Beth said they thought the good boy (that's me) should go shopping. So we hopped in the van and away we went! We went to Petco. Many people stopped and talked to me. I liked all the attention. I got to pick out two new toys. Beth would show me the toys because I was in the cart and then I would tell her if I liked them or not. I had lots to choose from but I picked a colorful rope toy and the other is a duck that makes noise. They are so cool. Now THEY are my favorite! I really like the duck, I have been showing my brother how it makes noise. Beth said I needed another necklace. I thought they were called collars but she said necklace sounded better. So I got one of those too! It was so much fun. The girl at the check out counter even gave me a treat. She really liked me!
Now we are home and I am busy playing with my brother. I really missed him and I think he missed me too!

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