Friday, March 13, 2009

I think I will be a designer....

Well, I could use some input here. I really like changing the living room around. I think I have a real knack for it. Beth and I go round and round about it. I try it one way and she says she likes it a different way and then I try something else. This is what I think looks the best. Any ideas? I really think I could have a future in this area. I don't even know ANY Newfoundlands in this profession. I may be the first to have my own business! Well, it's something for me to work on anyway.
In the one picture you can see that I was trying to get my brother to get out of the way so we could get a better picture. He just doesn't understand the artistic side of me!
We are busy as usual today. We have to get things ready for the parade tomorrow in Cross Lake, MN. I guess it isn't TOO far away. I told Beth I would like to ride in my room in the back of the van. Then maybe I could catch a quick nap so I am refreshed when I get there. I guess it's kinda a big deal.
Treat time! Gotta go....Later!

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