Friday, February 27, 2009

I am a Newfoundland....

Yesterday afternoon my dad came and had a talk with us kids. He told us a little about being a Newfoundland. He said that we would grow up to be big. We have loose jowls so we will drool. Some people won't like it but we shouldn't let that bother us. The people that we will live with won't mind and they should be the most important to us. But by having loose jowls that will help us when we carry stuff in our mouth when we swim. We have webbed feet. That helps us to swim so we could recuse someone if they were in trouble. We will swim in a different manner than other dogs. We will swim more of a breast stroke. That makes us good swimmers. We will be strong. But he said the most important thing is that we are gentle and kind. He said that is the most important thing about us.

After he talked to us I laid down and started daydreaming....I looked at my feet and they are webbed. They are really cool! I thought about going to Minnesota and all the water holes they have. I could picture myself jumping in the water to save someone. REMINGTON TO THE RESCUE! Everyone was cheering and the news cameras were there, I saved someone! Awesome!

It's so much fun to daydream....

Not much going on today that I know of. I am hoping we can play tag. That's my favorite game.

Don't know if I get to use the computer this weekend or not. I haven't asked Mary yet.

Next week I will be going to Minnesota. I wonder what it will be like....


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