Friday, February 20, 2009

Boy, did we have fun yesterday! We played tag. We ran and ran. My sister ran so fast that she tumbled over. She didn't get hurt but I laughed so hard my belly hurt!
Oh yeah, I think I forgot to tell you about my family. My mom is Annie and she is a Newfoundland but she is what they call a Landseer. She is black and white. She's a beautiful lady! I have two brothers and they look like mom. My dad is Bentley and he is black, like me! I have four sisters and they are black like me and dad. I am the biggest but the rest are catching up fast.
We just finished breakfast. I guess I can't use the computer this week end. Mary said something about updating it or something. That's ok....
Oh dear, I guess we are playing tag now AND I'm "IT". Better get those guys.
See ya wouldn't want to be ya....ha, sister says that ALL the time. She is silly.

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