Friday, August 6, 2010

Dr. Remington

Dr. Remington on duty....
Being the attending physician for Ozabella I have had to consult with another expert in the field of
"funny breathing noises in kitties."
  After careful review of her chart I can say that Ozabella was doing very well until about a week after she had finished her meds
and then she had her shots. 
The other Dr. and I agree that these funny noises seem to start up
after she is under any type of stress. 
I am keeping a close eye on her and if it gets worse
I will prescribe more of the same meds for her.
For right now I have prescribed complete rest.
I am happy to report that she is
resting on Grandpa Forrest.
  I will keep you updated on her progress.

Later -- Dr. Remington --
I DO make house calls 
-- out!


Priscilla said...

Oh you are the sweetest vet around, Rem!!
I'm sure Ozabella will get better with your specialist guidance!

Mr Koda MD said...

Boy you are a very thorough and caring physician Dr Rem, Ozabella is very lucky to have you as a big brother and of course Grandpa Forrest to snuggle up on.

Happy Friday

3 doxies said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believes how big her has gotten. Must bes from da love and care.
I just wonder exactly how good ahe gonna be with orders...I heard cats don't like to take orders...then again, is she really a cat of the same species dat i bes aware of.


Mr. Pip said...

Those kitties sure are lucky to have a doctor in the house. You are truly a renaissance dog, Remington. I want to be like you when I grow up.

Your pal, Pip

Anonymous said...

You definitely found your calling! Hail to Dr. Remington. Oz couldn't be under better care :)

Sendin wags your way,

Gus said...

Dr Remington...we are sure your patients feel better the minute you walk into the room.

Who could resist that incomparable Newfie charm?

jen said...

What a great doctor you are Remington, you have very good bed side manners! and you say you make house calls too! Simply amazing!

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

With you taking care of her and Forrest to rest upon, she should be just fine very soon!

Gloria said...

Awe Dr sure are a man with many coats/hats! I'm thinking I like this one the best!

the booker man said...

dr. remington,
my mama wants to know if you make house calls to south carolina? teehee.
we hope everythingie is a-okay with little miss ozabella!
the booker man

Heather said...

Oh Rem! Do you think you can fix my cat's asthma?

We would be much obliged if you could. :)

Mack and Mia said...

Oh Remington, Ozabella is getting so big!! I hopes everything is aright! I gotta get some pictures of Captain Fluffy Pants up, he is growing like a weed too!!

Missed ya tons!

Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia

JC said...

Does she have kitty asthma ? Take care of her Rem ... like only a big brother can.

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Dr. Remington. Ozabella is very lucky to have you around the house. Sending her my Golden Healing Thoughts. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

Good job, Remington! I hope Ozzy feels better soon. She's just such a love.

Ms. ~K said...

Who's the sweetest Newfie in the world?
Belly rubs to you and nosetaps to Ozabella,
K and the Pups

little princess Luna~ said...

awwwww look at little ozzykins--she is outgrowing me~!! bol. oh she is turning into a beautimous lady kitteh~! :) grat job on caring for mer remicakes--er--DR. cakes. ;)
say--i just go offered a part in "general hospital", i should tell 'em about you. :D


little princess Luna~ said...


Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

Oh, hope you feel better soon Oz, take lots of rest on Grandpa Forrest.
Now Dr Rem, we would like you to call at 2pm on....
Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Remington, you can make a house call over here in Michigan - just let us know when to buy the extra kibble. Happy to find out that the little one is on the mend. Mommas get all upset when us guys aren't feeling 100%.

JackDaddy said...

Well I think that sleeping on the cat would be a most comfortable place to be!

Leonardo said...

Hi Remy,
We sure hope Ozabella is going to be alright. It sure is scary when our humans just can't figure out what's going on.

I know that she is under the best of care and that Grandpa Forrest will make sure she is resting comfortably.

All Our Love to Everyone.
Leo, Grady and Mom.

Ginny said...

Well, Rem, I think you have a real handfull for a patient. Because the words kitten and rest are a total oxymoron!! My, but you make quite a distinguished doctor, seems you are an expert in many fields. That makes you sort of a renaissance Neuf! I know that Ozabella will be getting the best of care under your watch!

Junior and Orion said...

You are a great doctor.....wish you could be our v-e-t! We are glad to see Ozzabella is resting well, with lots os supervision. We will purr that her breathing issues go away as she grows up!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Such a great doctor AND big brother you are. Phantom could sure use some good advice on how to deal with this miserable "comfy" collar - he does NOT like it one bit.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

The Army of Four said...

How sweet is Forrest letting her rest on him like that!!! You boys are taking great care of Oz, aren't you!?!
Tail wags,

Jazzi said...

Great doctoring there dude!! and you look soo cool, I am sure all the girls will want to come to you now!! Take good care of Oz and make sure she gets her rest ok??


Aksharaa said...

Great Job Rem, you sound very correct and professional and we are sure Ozzie has the best Doc in town looking after her affairs.
Please do pass on our 'Get well soon' wishes to your darling little sis.
Bud n Gin

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Dr Remington we know you will take good care of sweet Ozabella! And it is great that she can snuggle with Forrest too - staying warm by snuggling is a good idea when you are not feeling well! We are sending her lots of purrs and prayers to get better!

And Remington, Gus would like to ask if you would send Ozabella a special hello just from him - see, he knows you are her big brother so he wants to be polite and respectful. He has a MAJOR crush on her!

Jacqueline said...

Poor Ozabella, we hope she feels better soon; does she have asthma?...Adorable photos, we can't believe how big Ozabella is getting!...You are the best big brother, Rem; we are relieved you are the Doctor on her case=keep us updated, sweetie...Happy weekend, wonderful friends...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Dr. Remington your patient appears to be very happy and calm. She obviously trusts you and your associate to keep her healthy. You know, my grandma used to say cod liver oil will cure ANTHING...and I don't think Ozabella will mind taking it as much as we did!

Frankie Furter said...

The funny breathing surely has NOT stunted Ozabella's growing any. You are doing such a very much grrreat job of getting her raised.

bermudabluez said...

Hey Dr. Remington! You sure do know your Doctoring stuff!! Hope little Ozabella is going to be ok. xoxoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Teddy Bear said...

You make one great doctor, Remington.:)

Teddy Bear

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Dr. Remington, you are the bestest doctor and brother and friend! If you make house calls, we think you will be traveling so much!!! Please come to our town soon!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

Sagira said...

You make a great doctor Remington.