Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh well....

People have been asking me about my relationship with Star, my girlfriend.  I am sad to say that I do believe it is over.  I haven't been able to get ahold of her for a long, long time.  She started a new business and I am sure is very, very busy.  When that girl puts her mind to something there is no stopping her!  The last time we talked I kind of knew then what was going to happen but I thought I would give it a little time.  But I understand totally!  Star will always have a special place in my heart.
So as the sun comes up over the horizon and new day is starting and....I am single.  That's okay, I am young and football is right around the corner.

Later -- Remington -- I will miss you Star -- out!


3 doxies said...

Oh Noooooooo, this is just tradgical. I just don't even knows what to say. I did haves my suspicians cuz I'm a hound and all ao I can smells things fur miles. Howevers, I didn't want to brings it up till you was ready to talk about it.
Now, I hopes you know I be heres fur you cuz that be what furiends do...they sticks together through da tuff times. I be your shoulder if need be.
PEES: has Star's magazine shut down too?

Maggie Mae said...


Oh dears, I hates to see you so sad :( All of your furiends will see you through this ruff my back yard...soon!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

Does this mean you'll be dating again??

Madi and Mom said...

Oh Rem....pick me, pick me!!! I'm taller that Star too!!

Yes I know it is shameful of me to try to jump in like this but a girls got do, what a girls got do!!!

BIG Kitty hugs to you my sweetie

Ginny said...

Oh, Rem!! Well, there are lots of fish in the sea, or dogs in the park in your case. And you're still to young and handsome to stop playing the field just yet. The best is yet to come!

A MilShelb Mom said...

Awww we are so sorry. But, you are right! Football is right around the corner! We do love some football. :)
~Milly and Shelby

Gus said...

We are sorry that this didn't work out, and I know how hard it is to let go of a special friend. But, don't forget, there is still a chance that the Twins will go to the World Series, and Football is coming.

Would you like me to sing a chorus of the Minny Soda Rouser for ya

We hope you know the tune.

Rem ing ton is a special dog
He loves kitties, fairies and even fro ogs
Rem ing ton is a special dog.
So rahrahrah for Remington
RahRah Remington
Football is coming soon.


Sandra said...

you will be fine without your Star, you have that wonderful, beautiful, goregous sky to look at, what could be better.

Keiko said...

Aw we are sorry to hear that, Rem. You are a handsome woofie so we are sure there are many lady doggies vying for your attention!

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about this Rem :( Butt, you are one handsome bo-dawg and will make some other wo-dawg a very lucky girl!

Chi kisses, Lilibell

Frankie Furter said...

Now that you are single again... you can go to Indiana Bones' Pool Pawty/Luau and not feel guilty. There are soooo many grrrreat girrrls out there. (Just not Ruby or Penny,OK?) I just KNOW that you are gonna find love again.. really quick.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

There will be many more there, Rem, just lining up for a chance to be with you. I know it!


Madi and Mom said...

LOL....Madi is rolling on the floor with glee at your comment. She loves attention (aka she is kind of fickled HA). She and I love all creatures great and small so bring on all the kitty and puppy love there is.
Madi and Mom

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Remington, we are sorry that it just didn't work out with Starr. On the good side, you are young, you a very good looking and handsome and I know many girls would just love to have you as a boyfriend. The sky is the limit my friend!! Love, Holly and mom

JC said...

I'm sorry your Star is gone. If you like older Golden Retreivers or Chocolate Labradors, well, my two crazy girls are single. Wild but single.

(I missed you while I went on my mini va ca)

Anonymous said...


Ms. ~K said...

Oh Sweet, Young Remington,
If you need a shoulder to cry on, I am here for you!!!

little princess Luna~ said...

awwwwww my remicakes.... :(
but, you might meet someone at my party--you never know. chin up big guy. there are ALOT (myself included once) of girls that would love to be your girlfurends. ;)


Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh Remington it is too bad - we had noticed that there haven't been any updates at her blog lately. We know she still cares about you a lot - sometimes though, life gets in the way! We are sure that there are a lot of excited ladydogs out there though (and we see one very excited kitty!)

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Oh Remington, we can't believe that Star has intentionally broken up with you. We think she's probably just sooo busy! Hang in there!

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

Zona said...

I'm single and fancy free too... it's pretty nice actually! You'll learn to enjoy it - especially all the free time it will give you in... ::checking countdown:: 69 days. BOL!


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We miss Star too, but sometimes life gets busy. You are a very gracious gentlepup, Remington - you let her off quite easily.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Leonardo said...

Hi Bro,
We're so sorry to hear that you and Star are no longer a couple.

If you ever need an ear to bend, or a shoulder to cry on, give me a call. I'm always here for you cause that's what family does.

Love ya
Your BroLeo

PS Mom brought us a big envelope from the mail box yesterday from MINNESOTA... You are an awesome Dude!

Aksharaa said...

Oh Dear Rem,
we so hate to see you sad. you are such a sweetheart, you deserve all the happiness in this wide world.
but not to worry Rem, for those who wish hard and hope for it, TRUE LOVE always comes don't be sad.
we love u,
gin n Bud

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Oh Remington you gave it a good try.. Perhaps she will read your post and realize what she is missing...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Anonymous said...

Oh Remington, don't feel sad. If you love someones you gotta let em go!

Someone more special will come your way.

Hector and Bonny

mayziegal said...

Oh, Remington, I'm sending you lotsa "hope your heart heals soon" wags. Sometimes girls just have to choose between career and luv.

Um, but my kitteh brudder Cap'n Ripley says that, - let's see, how did he put it? - "ye best be keepin' yer rovin' eye away from me fair Madi lest I challenge ye to a duel!" (I'd listen to him. Those little swords he keeps in his paws are SHARP!)

Wiggles & Wags,

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Remington, it is so sad when life gets in the way of happiness. You are so thoughtful and mature to understand Star's focus on her career. I share your pain, my friend, and want only what is best for you. Maybe those marvelous fairies in your yard have a healing potion!

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! For sure you'll hear from Star soon. Golden Thanks for supporting me to be June Top UDog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Junior and Orion said...

Oh Remi, we are sorry to hear this. We don't hear from our girls very often. We hope you find someone new and wonderful!

Madi and Mom said...

Rem this is just about too funny....Mom and I are rolling on the floor. Hilarious....Cap'n Ripley was a little upset at me for asking Riley to esort me to the party last winter. I didn't know Cap'n Ripley very well back then. LOL Seems like his Arghhhhh is as dangerous as his claws....and Cap'n Riley lives in Collie-rado so I bet he could get to Minnesota pretty darn quick if he had a mind too.
Madi your very good friend

Minna Krebs said...

Awwwh...Poor Remington!

You looks sooooo forlorn...I hopes you feels better soon!

Remembers..It is better to have loved and lost,than never to have loved at all


Mr. Pip said...

Breaking up is hard to do, sorry! Remember, there are always more fish (dogs) in the sea (at the park).

Your pal, Pip

Dory and the Mama said...

Poor Remington...we are so sorry about Star, but we just know that the girls will be lining up to go on a date with you now that you are single.

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

Teddy Bear said...

Oh, Remington, I'm so sorry to hear about your broken heart.:( You'll have all sorts of girls calling you in no time.:)

Teddy Bear

The Army of Four said...

Oh, how very heart-breaking!!!! Are you ok, Remington?!?

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Poor Baby,
I feel your pain sweet boy!!! You are so handsome the girls will be lining up for you!!!!
I'll bet you get a couple hurndred ladies who will WANT YOY!!!!
Have a ball!!!

Busy Buttons said...

Oh, no...that's too bad.

Take this time to enjoy being single, my friend!

Sagira said...

Oh no Remington I am SO sorry to hear this news. I think I just asked the other day how things were going. I know she started a new job, but I sure miss her updates.

I am sure you will not be single for will have an entire line of ladies waiting. :)

The Two Country Poodles & Uncle Puppy said...

Sorry to hear that news. But remember there are always more lady dogs in the park.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Pee Ess: I am a single lady who doesn't mind a man who is tall dark and super duper handsome!

-Mollie Jo

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I understand!

My Rotti BF Ben hasn't surfaced fur sometime either -

Thank Dog fur all my other breed BFs!


MadameMoiselle said...

Well, Star definitely doesn't know what she is missing out on for leaving you..

Cheer up handsome.. there are plenty of single pretty dogs in the park waiting for you.. you just have to holler and they will come straight to you..


Mr Koda MD said...

Oh dear Rem!
Plenty more fish in the sea (yeaurck!) and all that....

I'm sure you will be ok... it may just take some time...


Martha and Bailey said...

Oh Remington, this is just too sad for us to read.
There really is nothing as painful as your first love beaking up.
We have found in blogland doggies do just disappear and we don't like that at all.
Perhaps Star will pop by and say hello from time to time.
Extra basset kisses and cuddles for you today
Martha and Bailey xx

the booker man said...

aww, remington, i'm sorry it didn't work out with miss star. :( you are a super nice 'n handsome dude, and i just know you will find another nice girl very soon like!
the booker man