Friday, February 12, 2010

What next?

Beth just told me some very disturbing news! This coming Sunday is something called Valentine’s Day. First it sounded all nice and she said you ask people you like to be your Valentine. So I have sent some Valentines out.  Then today she said “you better be careful so cupid doesn’t hit you with his arrow”. WHAT!?! Did you know about this? From what I gather there are little people that fly around shooting people with arrows. Here is a picture of what I found that one looks like....

I think someone should contact Sheriff Scott Turner! There has to be a law against this. I told Beth I would not step outside the door because I don’t want to get shot with an arrow. I said no potty, no football – NOTHING until this gang of cupids have been captured! From what I understand they are all over the country.  She thought this was REALLY funny….and she said I HAVE to go out potty.
She said that cupid's arrows aren’t meant to hurt anyone. It is when someone falls in love then people will say they were hit by cupids arrow. I still am going to be very cautious – I am not buying this story she is telling me. I think I better do some investigating….  Until then I have decided to put my Sheriff hat on so if one does come flying around me it might scare him off!
Later—Remington -- warning you all to keep your head down and watch for this cupid outlaw with a bow and arrow – out!


Madi and Mom said...

Rem you are so funny!!! Cupid's arrow will never be able to catch you in your fast car as you speed around the tracks at Daytona!!
Happy Valentine's to you our sweet handsome friend. Give Beth an Mike a big hug from us too
Madi and Mom

Sam said...

How funny! I bet cupid is looking for you especially! Good luck hiding!


Anonymous said...

I thought there was just one Cupid... not a "gang" of them. This paints a whole different picture and I'm not liking it either. Thanks for the warning!

Gloria said...

Oh Rermington, Cupid shot me weeks ago, when I met you online! AHHHH.....If only I could meet you in life would be complete! Let me whisper sweet nothings in your ear......I love you!


We think we was already hit?

Rem, if you promise to dress like that cupid for me, I will catch the next plane to MN.


Jazzi said...

YIKES!!! Mom never mentioned this cupid person to me. Getting shot does NOT sound like a fun thing to me, now being a vanlentine is different than being shot!! Thanks for the heads up and I will keep an eye out for the flying cupid. I have some hats, so I will keep under them not to be seen. Since I have short leggies and if I scrunch down when doing my business then the cupid will think that the hat is just lying on the snow, Perfect!!

Hiding here

SquirrelQueen said...

Remington, you are so handsome in your Sheriff's hat and sunglasses. So handsome that Cupid might be even more tempted to take aim. Don't worry, it won't hurt.

Purrs & Hugs,
Cindi Lou

Sagira said...

You are so funny Remi. <3

JackDaddy said...

Your mom sure does have a lot of clothes for you!!! :)

Maybe these Cupid things are good for you - like when you go to the doctor and get a vacation!

Leo and mom said...

Keep your head low and your tail tucked.
I always thought Valentine's Day was about lots of heart shaped candy and Lots and Lots of hugs and sloppy kisses. You'd think with almost no clothes on that little guy would get frost bite and give up. Happy Heart's Day.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...



Twinkietinydog said...

Just you wait, Remington. For now you're a hard core sports guy but there will come a day, you're going to wish for Mr Cupid to show up at your doorstep. Stay safe (I mean, keep your hat on)

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Remington don't worry about Cupids arrow!! It doesn't hurt at all!! I have been hit with his arrows many times and I love to be hit by Cupid!! It means you fall in love!!!
You look really cool in your Sheriffs hat and sunglasses, really COOL!!
Cupid has hit me for you, Love, Bambi & Fern

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

I've been told that the first clue is the wings on the kid and then that he is practically naked. If you see anyone fitting that description RUN don't wait to find out if he's got a bow and arrow! Be safe...and be loved!