Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Special Day!

Today is a special day because it is Mike's birthday. I wanted to get him a present but we all know how I am with money....I really have to work on that! Beth said you don't always have to buy something. You can make something, give something that you already have or just wish someone a special day....it's not all about presents. Anyway we made a card that was from all of us but I really wanted to give him a present. So Beth said I should think about it and find something I already have that he may like and give it to him. I thought about it all day yesterday then it came to me! I went and got it and Beth helped me wrap it up and I colored on the bag to make it pretty.

It was my favorite plant container that I got when I was just a little boy. It is a "little" used but it is still VERY nice! It was hard to give up but I thought it would mean a lot to Mike and that would be worth it. I wanted him to have something very nice for his special day.
And this morning before we ate breakfast I gave it to him.

He was SO happy! That made me happy too!
Later. Remington -- the creative Newfie -- out!


Madi and Mom said...

Remington that was a very special gift....I can see lots of happiness in Mike's face....Please tell him Madi and I wish him a great big happy birthday and may he have 1000 more.
Birthday hugs and meows,
Madi and Mom

Madi and Mom said...

Beth you should be receiving a Madi DNA package today or tomorrow....HA!!!

JackDaddy said...

You shouldn't make me cry before I get to eat breakfast! :)

Ms. ~K said...

You are so kind to give up something you love!!!
Licks and Sniffs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy