Monday, November 23, 2009

I am on the job!

CSI on duty. CSI stands for Canine Sniffing Investigator. And I am Agent Remington. Here's what I have so far....
My very good friend, Jack, that lives in AZ has contacted me about a special assignment. He has lost his friend that he lives with whose name is "Tall Guy". Jack is VERY worried. Tall Guy was last seen leaving the house with a box with wheels on it. Jack said there is someone that is coming over to feed him but that person does not know where the Tall Guy is either. I booked a flight to AZ to check this out and Beth stopped me at the door and said I couldn't go. WHAT? I have a mission! She said no. So now I have my other agents in AZ out checking the area. I have contacted the media also. I haven't gotten any reports back yet. I am waiting by the phone.
I feel so bad for Jack and my paws are tied because Beth won't let me fly out there. So if any one sees the Tall Guy be sure to let me know.
Agent Remington -- on the job!

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Madi and Mom said...

Hi CSI Remington, I LOVE YOUR HAT!!!
Now that you are on the job I'm relieved. My efforts from all the way on the east coast have turned up no TG!! I bet Jack is getting lots of treats from his sitter. When Miss Debbie comes to my house life is good. She doesn't believe in watching weight of kits and pups when their owners are MIA!! I love Miss Debbie.
Madi and Mom