Sunday, October 4, 2009

Poor fellow....

I was sitting on the couch looking outside when all of a sudden I saw a dog in our yard. You never see dogs just running around town. The police don't like that. They think the dogs might get hit by a car or something. Anyway I went and got Beth and she went outside but he wouldn't come to her. He was scared. So she went in the house and got some food and water for him. She said you never know when he ate last. (Leave it to her....she is always feeding animals!) Then a van pulled up and a lady and boy got out but the dog wouldn't come to them either. So Mike went out and asked if that was their dog and they said yes. I guess they had just got him and he is a rescue dog. Meaning someone wasn't a good care giver and he either got taken away or they just let him go and didn't care. So he ended up being caught by the police and put in a cage and someone took care of him (like Beth used to do at that society place) until they could find him a suitable home with good people to take care of's called pet adoption. The lady told Mike he had been abused badly. Poor fellow....he must really be confused. His name is Duke. We let them get him -- it took a LONG time before he would go home. Once again, I am so happy to be where I am. I will NOT complain any more! Even if I don't get my hair combed before 10 in the morning. If it's 10:15 or whatever....I will NOT say a word. I know I am a lucky boy to be where I am.
Later. Remington -- the one lucky guy -- out!

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Madi and Mom said...

Morning Remington,
Madi and I are so glad that puppy found your house. Please give Beth a great big Newfie kiss from us for her kindness. Our neighbor's basset hound, Charlie Brown, escapes sometimes. We don't know why but he always runs to our house. He comes to our back door and HOWLS. Mom says he is calling her. As soon as she goes outside he starts playing a game. WE have two sets of stairs on our deck. He goes down one set runs around to the other set across the deck a million times. I sit there lol at that crazy pooch. His mom always knows where to find him and is usually close behind.
Madi and Mom