Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vikings 27 - 49er's 24

They won! They won! They won! It was the most exciting game I have ever seen in MY whole life! I can't stop doing the "End Zone Dance". Good thing I am writing because I have NO voice left! I mean -- it's as good as it gets! And today it wasn't my man Adrian Peterson that took the game it was -- The Right Arm Cannon, The Silver Fox, The Magic Man, yes, the $12 million dollars quarterback -- Mr. Brett Favre! When in the last few seconds of the game -- score 24 - 20 -- 49er's ahead....Mr. "4" sent a pass sailing to the newest Viking, Greg Lewis -- #17 and Lewis caught it and TOUCHDOWN! I could feel the ground shaking from all the excitement at the Metro dome in Minneapolis way up here! The Vikings took the game! 3 and 0 -- they are UNDEFEATED! WOW -- what a game! I can hardly wait until next Sunday! This football thing is soooo cool! Later -- Remington -- the wannabe Viking -- TOUCHDOWN!


Madi and Mom said...

Hey Remington you have me (Madi) excited and I don't even like football...boy that was some finish it sounds like. I hope Mike and Beth had a good evening out last night...did they leave you in charge or is that Dudley's job..oh Mom watch a program on Animal Planet last night it was called Dog 101 featuring Newfies and dachshunds too funny the Great big and the tiny.Mom learned a lot about your why you have the little scoops in your mouth that you drool from...they are to let water out while you are swimming and that you are the gentlest dog on the planet...gosh I wish I could meet you. Hugs, Madi and Mom


We wish we knew more about football cause we didn't understand any of that except that your team won, and it was the best game ever, and you are one happy camper!!!

Yeah! Now we are happy too!

Riley and Star.

JackDaddy said...

I am very impressed the way you know all the football player's numbers and stats! You must get on a lot!