Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun and Food!

OK, so yesterday I couldn't figure out the kitty toy. Well, fine! I just will play with my own toys! AND this is how it's done. RUN down the hallway, turn and RUN back and jump on the couch where Mike is and repeat! It use to be called Monkey Hour now it's Crazy Ball! Mike said that he decided on that name because of the face I make when I end up on the couch with him! Any way I really like that game!
Yesterday Beth and I did some baking. I really like to bake. I help A LOT! I walk where ever she goes and stay VERY close to her side! Anyway we made Orange Yogurt Muffins. She mixed them up and I watched then she put them in this hot box and then this thing buzzed and didn't stop so I went and got Beth from the office. She said thank you and took them out of the hot box. She put them in a white pan and made some stuff and put on top of them. Then she asked if I wanted a treat. SURE! So she puts a cover on the muffins and takes out an apple! We went in the living room and she shared some with me but I left. She didn't come so I went back and she shared some more with me. I left again, geez can't she take a hint. Anyway she found me in the kitchen staring at the white deal with the GOOD stuff in! She laughed at me and said so you want THAT for a treat....well, yes, I put a lot of work into helping, so yes, I would. She got a muffin from the container and we shared that. It was SOOOO good! Then I took a little nap before we had to comb my hair. She said I was a regular little chef....I looked it up and yes, I am a chef! Better go for now....I hope we get to work in the kitchen again today. Later....Chef Remington -- Bon Appetit!


Madi and Mom said...

Remington, we love your monkey face...Mike is right that is a good name for the game.
You saved the Muffins from burning so you definitely deserved one...what is it with moms...they love to give us HEALTHY treats....we want the good stuff...they eat and we should eat it. I for one like to taste things be sure they are good enough for Mom and Dad...
Keep playing my fine looking friend...
Big Madi Meow and cyber whisker rub
Madi and Mom


Dear Chef Remington,

We knew all along that you were a man of distinction and many talents!

As soon as you learn how to wrap packages, please send us some of those yummy muffins!

Lady in Waiting,

JackDaddy said...

You would win on Top Chef!!!
Tell your mom she should send out muffins to all your puppy friends (and their tall guys) so we can see how good a cook you are!