Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Bird Dog Show

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the shows star bird dog -- Remington Steal!
Thank you, thank you....thank you....please....thank you....ok enough....thank you.
On today's show we are reporting from the great state of Minnesota. Featured on today's program is the lovable little Hummingbird. They are not only cute but amazing little birds. The one mostly found in our area is the Ruby Throated. Interesting facts about these guys -- they are inquisitive and easily attracted to feeders. They have been known to swoop down to check out even a human if they are wearing a red article of clothing. They are very territorial and will have something called "Hummer Warz" to protect the feeder they want. The females build their own nests and when they lay their eggs they are pea sized and two are laid about two to three days apart. The females stay close to their nests so you may not see them until the babies are older. The babies need protein, not sugar to grow, so they get insects instead of going to the feeders we put out. They travel at about 30 mph normally, their wings beat on an average of 52 times a second. When people are taking care and feeding these beautiful birds they must be careful not to take the feeders down too early. The thing to remember is don't take the feeders down until you have NOT seen a hummer for two weeks. Sometimes the weak ones are slower in going south so they need the food to build strength to be able to travel. Hummers are small but amazing birds. Until next time this is Remington Steal -- The Bird Dog -- out!


Madi and Mom said...

We lover hummers too....everything you said about them is right on the money. Mom says ours need to go to kindergarten to learn how to share.
They are in a feeding frenzy here in NC.
Great pictures too. I can never get close enough to our feeders to get a good picture. I'm working on getting a camera with a better zoom Madi and Mom

Madi and Mom said...

Hi again...
Madi and I nominated you for an award. Check out our blog for the details.
Madi and Mom