Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Tooth Fairy -- AGAIN!

Yep, I lost more teeth! This time I scared Beth. She was in the kitchen cleaning up after supper and when she turned around she hollered for Mike to come quick! There I laid with a puddle of blood by me. She was SOOOO worried! But when they looked closer there was a tooth in the blood. She said, "Oh sweetie, don't make me worry like that!" Then later on we were playing with my duck and Mike said, "There is blood on the duck, is he bleeding again?"
So they checked and Beth said it's in a different spot. Then they looked on the floor and there was another tooth! So I got double from the tooth fairy last night! I wonder how many more times I'll get to put my teeth under my pillow. I told Beth I think they will just keep falling out and I'll get special fairy treats forever, but she said when my new teeth come in that will be about it for the tooth fairy. I wish I could see her before it's stops. I try and try to stay awake until she comes so I can talk to her but I always fall asleep. I found this picture on Google and thought that must be what she looks like. Someone named Lisa Victoria drew it so she must of seen one, or how else would she know....and she must know where the tooth fairy lives because she caught her sleeping! Maybe I should try to find this lady and she can take me to the tooth fairy. Something to put on my "Remy Do" list. That would be the coolest!
Beth said I can't goof off on the computer very long because there is work to do! I like to work. Makes me feel good.
Later -- Remington "The Toothless Wonder" out!

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