Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today is BORING!

Hi! I am bored! Beth and I were going to go to Brainerd today but something come up and now she is busy doing something else. I posted pictures of my two brothers. The one laying down is Dudley (he likes me) and he is 10 years old and the other is Coleridge (he is a keep-to-himself type guy, really quiet) and he is 5 years old.

My school starts tomorrow night but now I can't go. It's for ADULTS only the first night. What a bummer. I wanted to go. Beth said I might get to ride along but I can't go in. I guess that would be okay too.
We have been outside playing today and then we did our practice "dog on a rope". I DO NOT like that. I do it -- but I am not happy. I get so embarrassed, I mean would she like it? I just don't get it....
What purpose is it to have someone on a leash next to you? It seems so degrading. But Beth says this is what we will learn at school. We'll see -- I bet there won't be any other dogs on a rope! And if there isn't -- I am NOT going to do it any more! I'll have to keep you posted.
Well Sponge Bob is FINALLY on. I think I'll go and watch it and cuddle on my blanket.
I am really in a mood today....later....

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