Sunday, March 8, 2009

She was right!

Ok, cats claws hurt. I thought it would be fun to chase my new sister and she didn't think it was all that and she clawed me. It hurt but I didn't cry I just shook my head and walked away carefully. I think I will stay away from her. Beth said she was the naughty one. My brother Coleridge is so nice. He likes me a lot. I think we will be playing very soon. Right now we just talk quietly.... Coleridge said that it's really nice living here. Mike and Beth are fun and treat everyone REALLY good. They love all animals. I guess they even have outdoor friends like fox, deer, squirrels, a stray cat and a whole bunch of birds. I saw the birds through this big window called a patio door and I watched the birds. They are really cool.

Today we are just relaxing and playing. Mike said we might take a little drive to Brainerd and get me another thing called a crate. He said I need something a little smaller than what I have. I think he's talking about the room I have to go to -- if I want. Sometimes I go in there and they shut the door so I can't get out but it isn't for very long. Beth told me she loved me and that it's only so I don't get hurt when she is not around. It's ok, it's nice and comfortable in there with a fluffy pad and my toys and blanket. I just take a little nap when she has to go to do something.

Well, I better take a little nap before we leave. I can't believe how much these people want to play! It's a lot of fun.


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Susan said...

Hi Remington. My name is Henry and I'm your older brother. You are going to be so happy in your new home. I had pretty much the same fears you had but everything works out great! If you want to see my story here is a website for you to look at.

If you ever need any advice about life in general, just let me know. That's what big brothers are all about.